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Pakistan earthquake relief

I'm now involved with a charitable Wiki (an open-source online website set up for anyone to edit, designed to be democratic and updated regularly by eyewitnesses and local experts on changing conditions - like the Wikipedia online encyclopedia). This is for the survivors of the recent earthquake in Pakistan, to help coordinate volunteers and donations of shipments of survival supplies. ( So far I've written a press release and some Craigslist/blogger's postings to draw awareness to the cause.

The earthquake has killed at least 73,000 people so far and left at least THREE MILLION homeless and at risk of starvation and death by disease in the frigid Himalayan winter.

So guys, click on - they're looking for foreign and remote volunteers too, who can help with databases and phone calls and stuff. What they really need is someone who knows how to do web design/Wikipedia stuff who can make their site more readable and organized, and can proofread all the broken English - although it's generally understandable, I give them credit for that.
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